Hairspray 2014

Our Story

Started by life long friends Michael Paruby and Shaney Borden and Hannah Mason, Phoenix Tales Productions is a St. Albert based children’s theatre company dedicated to working with students from grades 7 – 10.

With dozens of years of theatre experience under their belt, the directors originally ran a drama program at a local junior high school.  After a few years, the trio decided to branch out and begin their own theatre company – Phoenix Tales Productions!

Behind the Name

The name is based on the the Greek mythological creature, the phoenix.  A large majestic bird, the phoenix’s biggest claim to fame is its endless cycle of bursting into flames and then rising again from the ashes.

Chosen for its connection to the Greeks and thus the rise of theatre, Phoenix Tales Productions also alludes to fairy tales and children.  Perfect for a children’s theatre company!  Finally, the rising of the phoenix ties into the birth and growth of this company as, with any organization.  Drawing inspiration from the phoenix, Phoenix Tales Productions is committed to taking the hundreds of students we have worked with and lifting them through beginning levels of theatre.

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